[2nd] year update: Hannah’s studio

February 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Currently in Hannah Mendoza’s [2nd] year studio, students are focusing on their personal design process. In the beginning of the semester they were to choose a song and produce a music video based off the feelings evoked from the piece. The song had to be instrumental so they could interpret it on their own terms.

From this, each student was to come up with a number system from how they reacted to the song, whether it was from the notes, rhythm, or general feeling. Some students had more of an analytical approach whereas others worked solely on their emotions.

Model by Katie Moyer, Photo by Paige Hohlt

Final Product by Kristy Stroud, Photo by Paige Hohlt

The next step in the overall process was to make a 400-block sculpture, which they are currently working on. The point of this sculpture is to further push the meaning of the song—to turn it inside out, learn about the process, to test everything.

Final Product by Cory Odell, Photo by Paige Hohlt

Final Product by Hailey Taylor, Photo by Paige Hohlt

According to Linda Melendez, “What is to be taken away these projects is as a designer, you can take inspiration from anything. There’s a way to dissect it enough so it’s completely abstract, but once it’s explained to someone, they can understand it fully.”

Contributed by Paige Hohlt, [2nd] year


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