IARc Speaks out: Passion and inspiration

February 20, 2012 § Leave a comment

Photo by Kara Kooy.

Because February’s theme is passion, blog contributors Kathryn Frye and Kara Kooy asked the IARc community a question: What are they passionate about, and what inspires them?

The responses:

“I’m passionate about details and craft. What inspires me? Probably my grandmother. She’s not here anymore, so she always kind of sits in the back of my head guiding me about what to do.” -Jack Kennedy, [2nd] year

“Forming relationships.” -John Pearl, [2nd] year

“I’m passionate about music and poetry. I think that music and poetry express truth in a way that other forms of expression can’t.” -Assistant Professor Hannah Mendoza

“I’m passionate about my family more than anything in the world. My family is my everything. Isn’t that sweet? And in terms of design… I guess tile design.” -Jenni Ham, [3rd] year

“I’m passionate about sleep. I can’t seem to get enough of it. Also, going on walks with my dog, which is usually times when I’ve been cooped up. It’s a break to get some fresh air. If you’re stuck on something, you should take a break for time to think about it. That’s where you get your epiphanies.” -Linda Melendez, [2nd] year

“Um… design! Also, not so much design as art and intuition. Design is way too much thinking.” -Holly Burda, [2nd] year

“Life.” -Dajana Nedic, [3rd] year

“The mission to protect earth.” -Carlos Smith, [4th] year

“I never know how to answer these questions. I really like photography and design. Nature.” -Katie Moyer, [2nd] year

“I’m passionate about having fun and doing things that are slightly different than other people.” -Kayla McDonagh, [3rd] year

“I”m passionate about music and photography, and integrating nature and architectural elements together and incorporating them into my work. I’m also interested in the social aspect of it and working together as a collective whole to accomplish a task or design concept.” -Alyssa Hankus, [3rd] year

“I am passionate about architectural detailing and the forms of model building, space planning, and digital rendering. I prefer hands-on activities when possible.” -Justin McNair, [3rd] year

“Making things. I also like dogs and cats and horses. I’m passionate about the place I live.” -Associate Professor Tommy Lambeth

“Travel, certain parts of buildings.” -Kailyn Farcus, [1st year]

“Building community, political activism.” -Beth Lowder, [1st year]

“I’m really into music. I grew up in a musical background. I’ve been to Kenya so I am into things like that. I’m passionate about missions.” -Rachel Godley, [1st year]

“Travel, photography, art, music.” -Torrey Orlopp, [1st year]

“Music, sports- all sports! Previous homes are a thing to look at and already existing structure.” -Michael Reittinger, [1st year]

“What inspires me is the photographer Henri Cartier Bresson. If you are a photographer you know who this is… He is the photographer that coined the decisive moment. This is the moment when the photograph is just right. Any second before or any second after would not be the perfect shot. As a photographer, I look for those perfect moments where a second changes everything.” -Tristan Olarti, [4th year]

“Movies are interesting. When watching a movie I enjoy noticing all the details and seeing when something is wrong. For example, when someone is in a kitchen and their hands are messy and then in the next clip they are clean and then they are messy again. I like all types of movies. I really like fantasy. I am detailed oriented and take a lot of effort taking care of things in my work.” -Claudia Aguilera, Graduate Student

“Time is such a precious thing, especially as you get older. To do things you want to do -It allows me to do my fun side like sewing, needle work, playing with my computer, and cooking. Without time I can’t do that. My special time is Sunday and I will cook all day!” -Patty Rowland, Administrative Assistant

Contributed by Kathryn Frye and Kara Kooy, [3rd] year.

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