Teaching Assistant Focus: Nicole Ware

February 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

One great benefit of many IARc classes are the students who give their knowledge and time as teaching assistants. These are students who have taken the course and who wish to aid students currently in the course with their journey.  The process works both ways, benefiting the TA with additional knowledge from going back through a course and seeing the fresh approaches of new students. Nicole Ware is one such student TA.

What class(es) were you a teaching assistant for? Why?

I was a TA for IAR 101 Environmental Design

Was there any one moment that stuck out to you during your time as a teaching assistant?

The moment that stands out to me the most was the time we took the first years out to play kick ball. It was still early in their first semester and most of them were really shy and quiet in class. Playing Kickball, we got them to break out of their shells and start talking with each other and participating more in studio discussions.

Do you feel that being a teaching assistant helped you in your current classes at the time? (For example, you’re a teaching assistant for first year. Did going back and re-hashing the principles learned in first year help you through the studio you were currently taking in third year?)

I think it’s really important to get back to the basics. Being a teachers assistant for first years made me remember that beginners mind. Every time we would assign a new project I always had an idea of what they might do but they always surprised me with their creative resolutions. I was inspired by this and it helped me through many of my own classes.

How do you feel teaching assistants have enriched classes you’ve taken?

I always find teachers assistants to be very resourceful. Especially because they have already been in our shoes and they can give great insight for any questions we might have about classes, professors, and of course projects.

Any additional insight or anything else you’d like to add.

Being a Teachers assistant will be one of my favorite memories in Iarc. I really loved being able to help the students because I know first year can be kinda scary and being able to give them advice, help them transition from high school into college, and welcome them into the IARc community was a really amazing experience for me.

Contributed by: Cassandra Gustafson


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