[3rd] year update: Patrick’s studio

February 15, 2012 § Leave a comment

This semester, associate professor Patrick Lee Lucas’s [3rd] year studio explores library design. Seven students are working individually to propose designs for UNCG’s new Jackson Library, while the other seven propose designs for the new Music Library.

In the first phase, students were allowed to design without limits – to “go as big as we wanted with ideas,” according to Jasmine Jones, [3rd] year. In the upcoming second phase, they will refine their designs to a more realistic level by specifying actual available furnishings, materials and finishes, while working within a budget.

On Monday, February 6, members of the Library board came to the studio to hear the students present their ideas. On February 27, the students will exhibit their digital presentations at the Library in front of fellow students and faculty members.

Says Jasmine, “I think it’s a good idea that the University is ready for change because there are a lot of circulation issues that they have to deal with, and they have been proposing remodels since 2003.”

Work by Jamaan Simons and Anna Behrendt. Photo by Kara Kooy.

Work by Jenni Ham. Photo by Kara Kooy.

Work by Aws Aj. Photo by Kara Kooy.

Left to right: Michelle Baulieu, Anna Behrendt, Jasmine Jones, Nicole Ware. Photo by Jessica Wilson.

 Contributed by Kara Kooy, [3rd] year.


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