extreme studio makeover

September 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

This school year, IARC students returned to find a surprise: the desk panels were gone! The department decided that a greater community atmosphere can be fostered in our “new,” open studio space.

The partial walls that separate the different years are also in the process of being taken down.

Travis and Stoel dismantling a partition wall.
Two first years in their studio space.
Second year studio space.

Third year studio space. Hey, we have easier bathroom access now! The lack of privacy around the bathroom doors has become a running joke with third years.

Fourth year studio space.

So, what do returning students think of the change?

“I like the fact that it’s all open, and because of the absence of the dividers, it’s a lot brighter and you have more access to natural light all over the studios. I do not like the fact that we are kind of at a loss for personal pin-up space in order to individually organize thoughts, ideas, schedules, etc. Overall, I do think it adds to a more collaborative environment, where the sharing of ideas is encouraged and thought highly of. It increases the thought of studio as a family.” -Kelly Harris, third year

“I like the open space because you can see who’s in here, but the open space seems to hinder the acoustic quality. I don’t think that it’s improved group collaboration. … If that’s what they were going for, I don’t think it worked. … [on designing new space dividers]. It should be each studio year’s responsibility to design the dividers.” -Clairissa Anderson, fourth year

“They’re big on this concept of us working together, they want us to collaborate, but in a sense we’re not really working together because we’re all facing the windows … we all face away from everybody.” -anonymous second year

“I think it enables us to communicate more with each other, and doesn’t confine you to the people surrounding you. You can make your own space. If you’re creative, you don’t need walls to make it yours.” -Morgan Cates, second year

Third years are now back where they began: in the section of the building formerly designated to first year students.  The first few days back involved a lot of moving around as the air was filled with the sound of screeching desks. Students were encouraged to find their own solutions to the new arrangement.

Third year students at their desks during studio hours: less privacy, but more conversation!

§ One Response to extreme studio makeover

  • Greg says:

    Nice, much better than before! Keep up the good work down there in Greensboro.
    Greg Tew
    Interior Design Program Chair
    Virginia Tech

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