beyond the classroom: FURNITURE MARKET

April 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Aside from being the largest furnishings trade industry in the world, High Point hosts its very own Furniture Market which brings in more than 85,000 people twice a year. Recently, a group of second year design students, led by Patrick Lucas and Claire Keane, took a trip to the market where they enjoyed a sunny day amongst some of the world’s most contemporary furniture. Starting the day off at 220 Elm, students got a chance to experience how different exhibitors, designers, and showrooms connect to both buyers and consumers.

After touring the showrooms at 220 Elm, Patrick and Claire led students to the Natuzzi showroom which was an event in itself. The Natuzzi showroom encapsulates the true meaning of presenting not only furnishings but more so developing a sophisticated language that translates across the entire showroom. Showing how the minimal wall treatments, neutral color palettes, and careful material choices work with the actual furnishings, thus providing a well rounded experience that is Natuzzi.

The trip to the High Point Furniture Market allowed students the chance to immerse themselves in both local and international designs. This helped to bring forth new ways of thinking about implementing new design techniques and elements as well as realizing how furnishings and finishes can impact the entire design concept.

Photo By:Tristan Olarti


Photo by: Tristan Olarti

Photo by: Tristan Olarti

Photo by: Tristan Olarti


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