[1st] year update: DINING TOGETHER DAY

April 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

The First year studio, led by Stoel Burrows and Tommy Lambeth, recently concluded their “Dining Together Day” project encouraging students to reflect upon a hypothetical event of the year 2015: the United Nations’ mandate of an International “getting to know each other” Memorial Day. While coinciding with the winter and summer solstice, the dining experience will be celebrated across all nations through the use of Social Media including guests from some other part of the world.

With the project statement in mind, students were asked to design a table, side board, and space which would provide a celebration for four to ten people. With a significant focus on the role of light and lighting design, students were expected to provide a set of deliverables consisting of plans, elevations, a plan oblique, a perspective view indicating lighting conditions, as well as top, front, and side views of the table and side board. In addition to these “technical drawings”, no presentation would be complete without the visuals provided by the sketch and final models of the project.

Laura Kimmel shows her process with a Parti as well as sketch models describing her perspective on this day of dining together.

Photo by: Laura Kimmel

Photo by: Laura Kimmel

Jack Kennedy provides precedent images that show Ritual, Dining, and the Social aspect of celebration.

Jack Kennedy

Paige Holt also shares a concept statement and a sketch model describing her design process.

Paige Holt

Photo by Paige Holt

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