alum profile: Jovana Nikolic

February 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

A graduate of UNCG’s Interior Architecture program, Jovana Nikolic specializes in jewelry design and currently works for Mark Holder Jeweller, a company based in Greensboro since 1984. As a jewelry designer, she offers her clients beautiful designs to meet their desires. Given her academic background in design at IARC, she stresses that it is “extremely important to create a visual connection between the client and the design.”

How would you describe your experience in IARC?

JN: IARC was the most accelerating challenge. Anna once said to us, ‘if we didn’t enjoy this rush, somehow subconsciously, we wouldn’t be here’. The rush you are experiencing now, at IARC, is an ultimate high of intelligence. Looking back, Anna was right; I did enjoy every high and low that I was faced with at IARC; those highs and lows helped me develop an affective design vocabulary and a unique, cohesive design technique that I use on a daily basis. That is what sets me apart, and defines me as a designer.

How have you incorporated the lessons you have learned in IARC to your design processes now?

JN: With accumulated design knowledge, IARC has opened all doors in the design field. My design skills and techniques are utilized on a daily basis with clients. The process starts with sketching out ideas that are later realistically rendered using computer-aided design, to help the client visualize the finished product.

As a successful IARC alum, Jovana offers students some words of advice: “Work smarter, not harder. How diligently you go about your work is what defines your technique.”

A couple of her beautiful designs:

Design by: Jovana Nikolic

Design by: Jovana Nikolic

Design by: Jovana Nikolic


Design by: Jovana Nikolic


Design by: Jovana Nikolic


Design by: Jovana Nikolic


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