student spotlight: MIRA ENG-GOETZ

October 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

Mira Eng-Goetz

4th year student Mira Eng-Goetz exhibits great craft in all of her work, especially her careful, beautiful 3D models. Her designs are always deeply developed from the very start.

Before Mira entered IARc, she was heavily influenced by the arts and several cultures. She attended a Quaker High School that led her to Mills College for Woman in Oakland California where she studied sculpture. While at Mills, Mira studied abroad in Toulouse, France for a semester at the Ecoute de Beaux Arts.  During her 2nd semester abroad, she studied in Dakar, Senegal where she fulfilled an internship with a glass painter. After her travels, Mira worked at a battered woman shelter, and her work there  led  her to join the Peace Corp.

Mira’s designs are influenced by not only her past experiences but also from what surrounds her on a daily basis.  She explains: “I get a lot of my inspiration and ideas from whats going on around me. I’ll see a fruit and ask myself, How am I going to get you in my project?”

A project Mira completed while in IARc was the redesign of a kitchen.

“I love art, and I started to focus on the areas that the art is exhibited in. I enjoyed thinking of the space, it’s context and functionality in the location of art.”


One of her favorite projects was 3rd Year retail studio, The Hatchery.

The Hatchery

The Hatchery Display Window

For more of Mira’s work visit her blog!

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