beyond the classroom: PEPSI REFRESH GRANT

October 5, 2010 § Leave a comment

Image Credit: Hanna Mendoza and Jonathon Anderson

On October 1st, Hannah Mendoza and Jonathon Anderson sent in a proposal to the Pepsi Refresh Project in hopes of receiving aid in developing a high-tech, low-impact recycling facility for UNCG . This facility will be designed to aid students in research and development of new methods for recycling and reusing wasted material. By opening this lab, UNCG will reduce the abundant waste in the landfills and open an opportunity to develop new ideas  for alternative design strategies in the built environment. Each entry submitted into the Pepsi Refresh Project is vote based so the more votes accepted the more likely we will win. The grant is awarded for $250,000 to  provide the necessary equipment to open this facility. The polls will be open November 1st to the 30th and participants will be able to vote for free every day.  It only takes a minute to register and all the help is needed to turn Today’s Trash into Tomorrow’s Technologies.

For more information contact

Hannah Mendoza at

Jonathon Anderson at


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