Students at Women in Business Expo

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On April 24th, three students attended the Women in Business of Guilford County as professionals. Ana Dimeo, Annelise Tikkanen, and Torrey Orlopp all work for Marta Mitchell Interior Design located in Greensboro, NC. These ladies completed internships with MMID and currently work there part-time while in their 4th year. The expo awarded their president, Marta Mitchell, for her hard work as a business owner and interior designer.

Women In Business Expo 2015

(from left) Annelise Tikkanen, Ana Dimeo, Torrey Orlopp

Women in Business Expo 2015

Turn out for Women in Business Expo 

Contributed by: Torrey Orlopp [4th] Year


IIDA Beaux Arts Ball

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On April 11th, the UNC-Greensboro Chapter of IIDA hosted its annual Beaux Arts ball! The theme this year was “The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party” from Alice in Wonderland. The event was held at the historic Blandwood Manor and students came in costume… specifically wearing big decorative hats. All proceeds went to funding the Chapter for the upcoming semester!

Below is a group of IARc ladies dressed up at the ball!


Contributed by: Torrey Orlopp 4th Year

4th Year Senior Showcase at Revolution Mills

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Last semester, 4th year students led by Jo Leimenstoll were responsible for designing a 9,000SF brew pub to be located in “Building I” at Revolution Mills in Greensboro, NC. The pub was to incorporate three main sections: dining, brewing, and outdoor space, while maintaining historical sensitivity and establishing a concept for the space. On April 9th the seniors were hosted by Revolution Mills to pin up their work for over a month to showcase to the public! They had an open house in which many working professionals in the field came to visit and critique work. Below are a few photos of the event.

Torrey Orlopp, Ana Dimeo, and Annelise Tikkanen stand with their boss, Marta Mitchell. All three work for Marta Mitchell Interior Design in Greensboro, NC! 
Senior Showcase 1

Teraesa Douglas, Natalie Johnson, Annelise Tikkanen, Monica Clendenin, Shelley Gates, Kimberly Mott, Torrey Orlopp, and Lakiesha White smile for the camera at the showcase!


Photos By: Lakeisha White, Monica Clendenin
Contributed By: Torrey Orlopp 4th Year


IIDA Carolina Chapter Portfolio Review

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The IIDA Carolina Chapter Portfolio Review in Colfax, North Carolina at Alfred Williams was most definitely a valuable use of my time. Getting the chance to talk to different design professionals about my portfolio, resume and cover letter was beneficial in many ways. This experience helped me realize that every professional designer looks for certain skills in which we (as future designers) possess. Further, potential employers have preferences regarding organization, process work, software diversity and hierarchy. Another key takeaway was to dress professionally, but also to be mindful that our “look” should represent each of our individual styles as designers. When we were not meeting with professionals on an individual basis we were able to go to different design forums. Forums were presented with discussions on residential design, commercial design and product design throughout the event. These forums offered an informal way to ask questions to professionals in order to help us gain knowledge in understanding the design world post graduation. This experience as a whole was propitious and useful, especially since the majority of us were [3rd] year students and will continue to have our portfolios evolve as we grow as designers. I was fortunate enough to take part in this event increasing my networking skills through building new relationships with design professionals. I hope to attend next years portfolio review as a [4th] year!

Contributed by Alanea Kriete [3rd] year

[3rd] Year Studio Update

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Jo Leimenstoll and Cat French’s [3rd] year studio spent the first half of the semester designing parklets for downtown Greensboro. A growing movement in many cities, parklets are spaces that reclaim parking spaces and transform them into public extensions of the sidewalk. Students in the studio are each designing a hypothetical parklet to occupy the street in front of one of two locations: Triad Stage or Scuppernong Books, both located on Elm Street in downtown Greensboro. After meeting with local business owners, representatives of the city of Greensboro, and Downtown Greensboro Incorporated, students spent several weeks developing concepts, schematic designs, and, finally, a complete design proposal. We are excited to announce that on Tuesday, March 3 at 8:45 a.m. our studio will be holding an open critique with guests from several Greensboro organizations.

Contributed by Hunter Morton, [3rd] year

[4th] Year Studio Update

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As studios are approaching Spring Break next week, [4th] year students led by Travis Hicks work toward their mid-semester critique on March 17th. Students are completing their “capstone” final studio project, which are student-led and are centered around community-engaged design. Students have covered all the bases between working at Habitat for Humanity of Forsyth to the Veterans Administration. We look forward to seeing the progress of these projects in the weeks to come!

Contributed by: Torrey Orlopp [4th] Year

Center for Community Engaged Design Happenings

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