END of FALL 2014: Final Critiques

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The semester has finally come to an end, we hope every enjoyed the school year! The students were able to present their final projects to faculty and peers that attended [2nd] year critiques Wednesday afternoon (12/03/14). Students worked diligently to prepare for their critiques and excelled in their presentations. Enjoy these photos of a recap of Wednesday! See you next year! ***HAPPY HOLIDAYS*** 


A special thank you to all [2nd] year students as well as Tommy Lambeth and Felicia Dean for bringing everything together and being supportive!

Contributed by NiShira Johnson [2nd] year

[4th] Year final critique!

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On Monday, December 2nd [4th] year students in Jo Leimenstoll’s  studio had a gallery style presentation of their Brewpub Designs. Guests who came to the presentations included a few architects, interior designers, a co-owner of Natty Greene’s Brewing Company, and many others from the community. Students received great feedback on their work!

4th year brew pub project

4th year brew pub project

Ana Dimeo, [4th] Year Student with her presentation board

Bed and Breakfast Studio Update

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As you may or may not know some [2nd] year students had the pleasure of meeting Raleigh and Judy and giving them ideas of ways to renovate their home for a potential bed and breakfast. The students are working diligently to finish their presentations before critiques on Tuesday, December 3, 2014. The bed and breakfast group will be presenting a group portfolio as well as individual presentations as to how we combined our ideas into one collective book to present to the home owners. Here is a taste of what you can expect…..be surprised by whats to come for they are many GREAT IDEAS!

REDUCEDBLAH2 REDUCEDBLAHContributed by Nishira Johnson [2nd] year

Update and Schdule for [1st] Year

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In Environmental Design, we have started working on our final project of the semester.  We took pictures of lighting effects we saw in the world. Then based off of one or more of the pictures taken, create a light effect of our own.  We are to use the window and the light given by the sun.  Stoel Burrowes and Hannah Mendoza want us to try and use more than one lighting effect and then narrow it down later if need be.  Along with the actual project, we have our beginning sketches and a paper about the effect due as well.  The final is due December 3rd at 11am to 3pm.

In Drawing Design, we partnered up and every pair received one room to measure.  We are to create a scale drawing of the room and draw sections of the room.  We also need to have a schedule of furniture.  This is the final project and it is due November 25th.

Contributed by Celeste Holley [1st] year

Interview with Stoel

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Stoel Burrowes is an Assistant Professor, Academic Professional, and an Internship Coordinator in the IARc program.  He teaches [1st] year everyday in Environmental Design and Drawing Design.  He is someone we can look up to and learn from.

What is your educational background? How did you end up here?

“I went to high school at Atlanta, New Jersey, and then I went to college at Yale University. I had a great time there and I also took off for a semester and worked in New Mexico and earned enough money to travel in Europe for six weeks or more. Then came back and went back to school, so I am often sympathetic to the situation that people might take more than four years to finish their education. I love the idea of studying abroad I didn’t study there, but I traveled there. After college, I took off and actually lived in Vermont for a while and that’s where I met my current wife. We ended up moving into North Carolina and I worked mostly in carpentry, built some houses, did some finer work got into some cabinet kind of work and ended up working in furniture. I worked for almost 20 years making, designing, and selling hard wood furniture in a small company in Chapel Hill. Then I went back to school at that time also, and got a degree at NC State in Product or Industrial Design, so I got my Masters degree there. I wasn’t really thinking at that time I’d necessarily be teaching with it, although that was an interesting possibility rather I thought I would do other kinds of product design, but still I remand a lot in furniture and wood work. Then I, almost by chance or by someone’s recommendation, talked to Tommy here, in 2000 about possibly working here, I didn’t immediately start doing it, but soon thereafter taught a studio and starting teaching other studios and drawing and lighting and so on. Then for two of those years since 2000 I taught in Richmond at VCU, and then came back and taught here again.”

What’s your favorite part about teaching?

“I think I especially love the one on one or one with a small group kind of discussing an issue or problem coming up with a solution together and very often that’s kind of the out of class time or desk critique, I think those are the most exciting times for me”

What do you hope to accomplish?

“Well, I hope to continue teaching and being a positive and enthusiastic interjected influence on young designers, I look forward to making more furniture, and continuing the word work I do and some of the artwork and writing I do.”

What do you do in your free time?

“We love to travel, but we don’t do enough of it, I certainly love reading but I also don’t do enough of it. Since I travel an hour to come here listening to books on audio. I also do wood work and of course there’s a lot house maintenance and some family things.”

What have you learned from teaching?

“I learned to be humble, and the things I hope to bring out of my students they can bring out of me”

What all do you do? What do you do behind the scenes?

“I have a teaching schedule, I direct the internship program that is a class, I do love working at non-class times and talking to students and being part of that, I’m also on the Faculty Senate, I am also responsible for the hallway exhibits. I do go to conferences once or twice a semester and I have done some presentations in the past. I am also a member of, once called the undergraduate curriculum committee.”

How do you decide what the final projects should be?

“It’s a combination of having worked with Tommy, he’s the one who taught me the most about teaching, and also it’s my own inspiration or ideas, usually a few months before class, thinking of what could work in that time frame, but a lot of it is responding to what we have already done and what could be a good set of parameters and a good project for studio, in case this fall it’s having to do with light. Light is a great substance, and it has a way of getting the students to think not so much of the objects but what the object does.”

Contributed by Celeste Holley [1st] Year

Thanksgiving Potluck Reminder 11/24!

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This is a friendly reminder post that the annual IARc Thanksgiving Potluck by IIDA will be tomorrow 11/24! Here’s a list of what each year needs to bring:

First Years: Drinks
Second Years: Desserts
Third Years: Side Dishes
Fourth Years: Entrees
Graduate Students: Plates and Utensils

See you all there and Happy Thanksgiving!

Contributed by: Torrey Orlopp [4th] year

Bryan Series 2014-2015

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“Guilford College’s Bryan Series enriches the educational and cultural experience for residents of Greensboro and the central North Carolina region with provocative speaker programs featuring well-known figures in the arts, humanities and public affairs.”

This year will be the Bryan Series’ 10th subscription season, and they promise that it will be the best one yet! And with just a glance into who the speakers are, I have no doubt that it will be.

  • On Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014, Ron Howard, Academy Award-winning director and actor spoke at the Greensboro Coliseum about his role as “Opie” in The Andy Griffith Show, as well as other projects of his including Apollo 13, Arrested Development, A Beautiful Mind, and many others.
  • On Tuesday, Nov. 11, 2014, Bill Bryson, writer and best-selling author, spoke at the Greensboro Coliseum about his writing technique and shared some quirky anecdotes from some of this most well- known books, including One Summer: America 1927, At Home: A Short History of Private Life, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid, and A Walk in the Woods.
  • On Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015, Robert Reich, will speak at the Greensboro Coliseum about “what is a good society and what role does the widening income gap play in the deterioration of our nation’s economic health? In a paradigm-shifting, non-partisan manner, Reich will show why we all need to focus more on building up the middle class as without a strong middle class the economy cannot grow.”

“Robert Reich is one of the world’s leading thinkers about work and the economy. The Wall Street Journal has named him one of the nation’s top 10 thought leaders. Now Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley, he has served in three presidential administrations, most recently as Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton. He also served on President Barack Obama’s Economic Transition Advisory Board.”

  • On Tuesday, March 24, 2015, Margaret Atwood, author of works such as: The Edible Woman, The Handmaid’s Tale, The Robber Bride, The Blind Assassin, and The Year of the Flood, will speak on “literature, social activism, the creative process, technology and art, and, of course, her own accomplished body of work.

“Margaret Atwood is a giant of modern literature who refuses to rest on her laurels. She has anticipated, satirized and even changed the popular pre-conceptions of our time. A winner of many international literary awards, including the prestigious Booker Prize, Atwood is the author of more than 30 volumes of poetry, children’s literature, fiction and nonfiction.”

  • On Sunday, April 19, 2015, Anderson Cooper, anchor at CNN, will speak at the Greensboro Coliseum about “today’s front-page news direct from his experience as a journalist. Armed with an insatiable quest for unfolding stories, which has taken him from Cairo to Sarajevo to Somalia to South Africa…”.

“Since the start of his career in 1992, he has covered nearly all-major news events around the world, often reporting from the scene. Most recently, he has extensively covered the conflicts in Syria and Egypt, the NSA surveillance programs, the Boston Marathon bombing, and the Sandy Hook shootings.”

For more information, please visit:


or http://www.guilford.edu/bryan-series/index.aspx

Contributed by Beckie Yohn, [5th] year


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