Stephanie’s [4th] Year Studio Final Critique

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Stephanie Brooker’s [4th] year studio final critique will take place from 1pm-4pm on Friday, April 25th. Our critique will be a gallery style critique in East Studio of the Gatewood Studio Arts Building. Please come and check out our Train Station and Railcar projects!

Contributed by Sarah Harris [4th] Year

Travis’ [4th] Year Studio Final Critique

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Currently in Travis Hicks’ [4th] year studio, students are in the design development stage of their community engagement projects. This assignment began in the beginning of the semester when the class was asked to find a problem in the community that they could solve through design. Students proposed their community engagement projects in January, developed their designs to a schematic design level by midterm, and are now developing designs into a complete stage. Examples of projects include a free expression wall that Anuj Patel, John Jeppsson, and Rajee Wilson are building out of lumber, tiny houses for the homeless population that Audrey Waggoner and Sarah Mabry are designing, disaster-proof housing that Blakeni Walls is developing, and Habitat for Humanity houses that Kristy Stroud, Tuan Vo, and Morgan Cates are helping to renovate. Everyone is invited to our final review on Tuesday, April 29th from 1-4 pm in Room 401.

Blakeni Walls' Disaster-proof Housing renderings

Blakeni Walls’ Disaster-proof Housing renderings

Audrey Waggoner's Tiny House drawings

Audrey Waggoner’s Tiny House drawings

Contributed by Monica Browning [4th] year


IARc Department Heads to Monticello and Fallingwater

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This last weekend the IARc department travelled to visit both Monticello, home to the third president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson; and Fallingwater, home to the Kaufmanns (owners of an elegant department store in the 1930’s, which is now part of the Macy’s chain); which was also built by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

The group met up Sunday bright and early and boarded a tour bus, heading off to our first stop on the trip: Monticello. Once we arrived, we separated into smaller tour groups and prepared to tour the house; while there we would learn various facts about the interior and architecture of the home, and also about Jefferson and his family which occupied the residence. From there, we enjoyed lunch and independently toured the grounds for various sketching/learning opportunities. When the time came to leave, a minor hiccup occurred with the tour bus, which delayed our schedule by a few hours. Once that was fixed, we were on our way to the Casselman Inn in Grantsville, Maryland to stay for the night.

The next day, we all enjoyed a nice breakfast in the quaint restaurant located at the inn before heading off to our final destination: Fallingwater. Once there, we again separated into three smaller groups and prepared ourselves for the tour (as there were some strict rules set in place to help preserve the artifacts within the home). While in the home, we learned about both Frank Lloyd Wright’s design process and ideas behind the construction of the home, as well as a bit of history about the Kaufmann family. Once the tour was over, we again enjoyed lunch and had a few hours to spend sketching or relishing the fantastic scenery the home was built within. Once it was time to leave everyone boarded the bus and eight hours later, we were home.

mont 1

falling 1Photo Credits: Jolene Mallen

Contributed by Jolene Mallen [1st] year

Trade Show Re-Cap

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A few weeks ago, 6 vendors visited the studio to show the products they sell and represent. In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap with links to the companies’ websites so that you can check them out and maybe use them in a future project!

Milliken Carpet

Forbo Flooring



King Bostrom

DHA of the Carolinas representing:

Bernhardt Design/ Textiles, Carnegie Fabrics, Bright Chair, Resolute Lighting, Datesweiser, Anzea, and Takeform Architectural Graphics

Make sure you come out to the next trade show. There are always free samples of materials and sometimes even free snacks!

contributed by Sarah Harris [4th] year


Ashby Dialogue “Adapting to the Future: Architecture and Sustainability” April 7th, 2014

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IARc’s department chair, Anna Marshall-Baker, lead a discussion in a series of faculty-student conversations, the Ashby Dialogues, called “Adapting to the Future: Architecture and Sustainability” on April 7th from 5-7pm in the atrium of the Sullivan Science Building. The conversation about sustainability in future architecture posed a lot of questions and comments from faculty and students alike.

One question was ‘When the “green” trend ends, what is next?’ One person answered that sustainability cannot be a trend for our generation; he said that for our parent’s generation it is just a fad because there isn’t as much at stake, but for the millennial generation, sustainability is a must. We must make changes and we cannot fail. Also, a point was made that unfortunately, design tends to favor aesthetics and style over the importance of designing a place where a human can thrive. This is why sustainability seems like a fad right now, because being “environmentally conscious” is “in”.

Another person asked “Is the integrity of architecture lost when ignoring sustainability?” I thought this was a great question and very relevant to the topic at hand. The group then discussed the government’s attitudes toward green building, ego vs. affinity, “starchitects” and hostility at the municipal level, commercialism and selling the idea of sustainability to the general public, as well as affording sustainability.

The conversation came to a conclusion with one main point. It’s not just the government’s attitudes or the general public’s attitudes about sustainability that need to change, it’s our own. It’s our responsibility as designers to have the attitude that sustainability cannot be a trend in design; it must be the only way to design.

contributed by Sarah Harris [4th] year

UNCG IIDA Chapter Participates in Adopt-A-Stream Cleanup

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On Saturday morning, several students volunteered in the City of Greensboro’s Adopt-A-Stream Program that helps to reduce the amount of waste littering our streams and endangering wildlife. The students collected several bags of trash from the department’s newly adopted stream in Peabody Park. This stream runs from the front of the high-rise dorms on campus and across Market Street. As a result of adopting the stream, a sign will be placed on Market Street reading UNCG Interior Architecture which signifies our commitment to organize a cleanup of the stream twice a year for at least 2 years. This was a great volunteer opportunity for students and is yet another way our department is committed to sustainability.

Adopt-A-Stream Participants from left: (top) Matthew Weikert, Chelsea Epes, Monica Browning, Matthew Elliott, (bottom) Lakiesha White, Linda Melendez Photo Credit: Paige Hohlt

Adopt-A-Stream Participants from left: (top) Matthew Weikert, Chelsea Epes, Monica Browning, Matthew Elliott, (bottom) Lakiesha White, Linda Melendez
Photo Credit: Paige Hohlt

Trash collected from our adopted stream  Photo Credit: Paige Hohlt

Trash collected from our adopted stream
Photo Credit: Paige Hohlt


Contributed by Monica Browning [4th] year

Digital Craft Exhibit conclusion

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On April 3rd, a reception was held for both the Novem Mason Symposium as well as a reception for the Digital Craft Exhibit. This exhibit displayed a large handful of student and faculty work from both the Interior Architecture and Art departments. Faculty and students seemed pleased with this exhibit, and visitors were very impressed and intrigued by the variety of work displayed. Below is a picture of the Digital Craft exhibit.



Contributed by Torrey Orlopp [3rd] Year


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