Field Trip and Student Achievement Highlights

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A few of the faculty and students went to the Interior Design Educator Council Conference at Florida State University. Graduate students Catherine French and Susan Webster and [4th] year Jolene Mallen  attended to share their Research Projects.

David Kendall won 1st place in the tiny house competition.  The object was to build a energy efficient house under 500ft. David’ project specified the use of cordwood.

Morgan Rigsbee a [3rd] year student was nominated  for Raising Star! Morgan will be going to represent UNCG at Luminary and Student Rising Star Event. It will take place November 5th, at the High Point Country Club.

Contributed By Celeste Holley [1st] year

[2nd] Year Market Fun

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October is a month of brilliant colors and beautiful sights abound. This can also be said for the High Point Furniture Market. A few of us [2nd] year students took the opportunity to visit The Market last week to absorb and learn from the world’s largest furniture trade show. We saw, sat, tweeted, followed, connected, touched, envied, and learned so much while there just one day. As many know, you could spend a week at The Market and still not have time to experience everything there is to offer, including a selfie with a rhino contest! So, our day was up far too soon, but alas, we had fun!

Photos by Kim Wypasek Pictured: Josh Moody, Karina Sniquer, and Abby Eckard (all [2nd] year) High Point Furniture Market

Photos by Kim Wypasek
Pictured: Josh Moody, Karina Sniquer, Abby Eckard  and Kim Wypasek(all [2nd] year)
High Point Furniture Market

Some fun facts from The Market website:

Current Demographics

  • 180 Buildings
  • 11.5 Million Square Feet of Showspace
  • 75,000 Attendees Each Market
  • More Than 2000 Exhibitors
  • 100+ Countries Represented
  • Tens of Thousands of New Product Introductions
  • Approximately 10% of Attendees Are International

Contributed by Kim Wypasek [2nd] year

[3rd] Year Studio Update

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Stephanie and Maruja‘s [3rd] year studio has made great strides of progress on their Student Design Competition entries for Steelcase. The project is centered around a building renovation at the hypothetical NEXT University, and the competition is a sort of forum to explore new ideas about educational design that will set the precedent for future educational spaces. The deadline to complete this project is fast approaching, and the studio dynamic definitely reflects the competitive nature of this individual competition. Students are thinking critically and creativly to come up with the most effective design solutions in hopes of being selected to represent UNCG IARc in the next tier of the Steelcase competition. [3rd] year studio students are already committed to their concepts and have since moved on to incorporate those concepts into a schematic design of the building interior. Because they had to consider space allocation, room placement, way finding, square footage, and furniture specification & configuration, working on the schematic design has also given [3rd] year students a great deal of practical job experience.

Contributed by Chelsea Green, [3rd] year

High Point Furniture Market 2014

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This fall, students from the Department of Interior Architecture had the opportunity to participate in Furniture Market either through work or through the department. Many [4th] and [3rd] year students, who work design jobs currently, were able to attend for the first time as professionals. Younger years in the program were able to receive student passes from the department so they could have the opportunity to experience all the amazing showrooms Furniture Market has to offer! Below is a photo of [3rd] and [4th] year students who had the opportunity to work for Stanley Furniture

IARc ladies working at Stanley Furniture


Photo submitted by: Lakeisha White [4th]
Pictured: Annelise Tikkanen, Rebecca Hale, Monica Clendenin, LaKiesha White
Stanley Furniture Showroom
Contributed by: Torrey Orlopp [4th] Year

Never Judge a Book by Its Cover….Guest House Field Trip!

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Last week I discussed the different projects [2nd] year is taking on to finish off the Fall Semester. As a refresher, students got to choose between three groups: 1) working on a guest house potentially turning into a bed and breakfast 2) Art Sup-ply store renovation 3) The future soft-lab adjacent to CAM studio focusing on storage/cabinetry. Since I’m  in the Guest House group I will focus on our field trip to Raleigh and Judy’s home, which from first glance can be a little overwhelming. As we walked through the house we instantly got embraced with the rare artifacts and paintings throughout the home. Each bedroom had a different theme and was personalized to there liking. This home is filled with color and personality. Take a look at some of this magnificent photos taken by some of our students.


Dining Room of Guest House

livingrmGHAfrican Artifact in Living Room of Guest House

Images provided by various students in Guest House project.

Contributed by Nishira Johnson [2nd] year

Digital Presentations- Do’s and Don’ts

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A presentation is how you get the information out into the world, so you want to make sure that you do it right. The differences between digital and physical presentations are minimal, so you could use all of these do’s and don’ts for either presentation, but they hone more for digital.

Don’t: Use stark black text over a stark white background. Or vice versa. It makes the viewer’s eyes strain too much to see or read what is on the presentation.


Do: Use shades of gray as text color. It is much less contrast, so it won’t strain the eyes, but still provides enough contrast to keep it legible.


Don’t: Use bright or blinding colors on your presentations. This is especially true for digital presentations because electronic devices such as projectors have a difficult time showing true colors, so your bright color could be even more blinding than you anticipated.

poor_choiceDo: If you do want to add some color, choose a less vibrant but still saturated color. If you would like to use a bright color, like yellow, use it sparingly and only on text that is large – so it will still be legible- or to as line weights to highlight something.

highcolorcontrastDon’t: Use an unprofessional font. We have all heard not to use Comic Sans, but there are other ones that you have to stay away from as well. Curly or cursive words can be difficult to read, especially when reading from a digital presentation.

bad fontsDo: Use serif or sans serif fonts, depending on what mood or style you are wanting to convey. Keep the text simple and easy to read.

ds-bp-10Finally, just know your presentation. Some call for a more subtle and simple format, while some call for more images and pizazz. It all depends on what you are trying to convey and what you are trying to highlight.


Contributed by Beckie Yohn, [5th] year

[2nd] Year Studio Update

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Group projects can help students develop a host of skills that are increasingly important in the professional world! It’s helps improve communication skills and understand how to balance individual and group ideas to produce successful projects.

[2nd] year IARc students have teamed up to work on projects exploring product design, residential design & client interaction, and commercial design. Group 1 is generating ideas of changing a residential home located on Spring Garden into a bed and breakfast. Group 2 is researching different materials and cabinetry solutions for a future Soft Lab to be located adjacent to CAM studio. Group 3 is producing ideas for a commercial art supply store exploring seating and other solutions.

So stay tuned for future ideas and the final outcome of each of these group projects!

Contributed by NiShira Johnson, [2nd] year


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